Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m experiencing difficulties placing an online order and checking out...

Answer: Please contact us, we will be able to create a voucher sale over the phone, take payment and arrange postage.

Question: How do I print my email voucher?

Answer: Your voucher will arrive by email as a PDF attachment, please open the PDF attachment and print, the quality of the print finish will be determined by the print specification of your printer.

Question: What delivery and postal options do I have?


  • Gift Vouchers can be emailed free of charge;
  • Can be mailed 1st class in an A5 branded envelope £3.95
  • Can be mailed 1st class in a gift voucher box £7.50.

Question: Can I receive multiple denominations in a single gift envelope or box?

Answer: Yes, please do contact us, we can issue multiple denominations in a single A5 branded gift envelope or gift voucher box.

Question: Can I have a VAT receipt for my purchase?

Answer: Yes, please do contact us, we can issue VAT receipts on voucher redemptions.

Question: I’ve received my voucher and there is a mistake on it can I get it amended?

Answer: Yes, please do contact us, we can amend or reissue a voucher.

Question: I’ve lost my voucher can I still make a booking?

Answer: Vouchers can be retrieved from the system and reissued, but please do contact us as this is solely at the discretion of the manager on duty at the time of the query.

Question: Can I extend or refund my voucher?

Answer: Unfortunately, vouchers cannot be extended or refunded.

Question: Can I post-date my voucher?

Answer: Yes, please do contact us, we can post-date a voucher.

Question: I have only part used my voucher, can I carry forward the balance?

Answer: Unfortunately, each voucher has a unique identity code that can only be used for one transaction.

Question: How do I redeem my voucher?

Answer: Prior booking is essential and can be achieved by contacting one of our specific Ice Rink locations, for a full list please see

If you have a query you can contact us: